‘Api Wenuwen Api’ explores the chaotic aftermath of the civil war period, discussing topics such as the real purpose of war, the definition and consequences of communal aggression, and the fate of all those involved, especially soldiers.

The civil war that ravaged Sri Lanka for decades, ended in 2009. I visited the war zone a year later in my capacity as an academic. Out there in what was the main combat zone, I had an epiphany about the disparity between the version of the war we hear about and the ground reality. I realized that all those who were and are involved in the conflict suffered and continue to suffer unbearable pain. I saw the wreckage that the war left behind and the wounds that are still raw.  I was forced to revisit my assumptions about the conflict, and its repercussions. Various communities in Sri Lanka have vastly different viewpoints about the conflict. We’ve all either admonished or admired the war, bending down to the will of politicians and their political intent.

We’ve all been duped and the disturbing reality concealed from us. All communities were fed illusions, the war painted as a mission against the oppressor or terrorism.

Api Wenuwen Api takes a look at the layers of complexity of the conflict and the fate of soldiers. They too were human beings with hopes, aspirations, and dreams. Was their sacrifice worth it?