Bala Sitiya da? (Have you been waiting?) 2015 - Teaser 1

‘Have You Been Waiting?’ portrays a multifaceted view of university life in Sri Lanka. The film takes a critical, honest, and humane look at common problems, conflicts, and tragic realities of university life while analyzing interrelations between students, academic staff, and governing bodies. The film approaches these themes from socioeconomic and political viewpoints to dissect the subject matter in detail. I used various experiences and insights gathered during my time as a student (4 years) and a lecturer (2 years) to write the screenplay.

The film was my final production with my last batch of students at the university. The decision to make this film followed my choice to give up my rather problematic career as a lecturer at the university and focus on a different path. My students’ enthusiasm allowed me to disregard persistent opposition from the university academia. Their enthusiasm was such that they organized various projects to raise capital for production purposes and even conducted donation programs within and outside the campus. Vihayas Productions and Icon Rain Productions sponsored the production.

Bala Sitiya da? (Have you been waiting?) 2015 - Teaser 2

We filmed almost 90 percent of the scenes within the campus grounds, especially at student hostels. Film production ran parallel to the academic work of my students, and they were involved in all aspects of production from project supervision, directing, directing photography, and editing. I assigned production responsibilities to different teams. We used both veteran actors and amateurs in the film.

We first screened the film in January 2015 at the University of Kelaniya and the Ragama Faculty of Medicine in 2015.

Bala Sitiya da? (Have you been waiting?) 2015 - Teaser 3

Theme Song

Heena Hoyaagena - Bala Sitiya da? (Have you been waiting?) 2015 - Theme Song



Main Cast

Akhila Sapumal / Buddhika Dhamayantha / Sajitha Anthony / Manoj Prasanna / Sachintha Dissanayake / Lahiru Buddhika / Upekha Amapani / Sasitha Senanayake / Lakshman Fernando / Yasantha Budhdhika / Vipuli Darshika Nishshanka / Udumbara Samarakoon / Nishadi Kanchana / Neranjan Hettiarachchi / Dilshan Thilakshana

Co-Directors – Prasad Aluthwattha/Thilina Fernando     Cinematography – Shanaka Kalhan/Prasad Aluthwattha    

Editor – Shanaka Kalhan/Prasad Aluthwattha     Music – Amith Guru   Screenplay – Prasad Aluthwattha

Production Supervisor – Prasad Aluthwattha    Camera Asst. – Maduranga Nuwan / Chaminda Kumara / Ranjith Kumara

 Boom Operator – Suraweera Bandara / Ranjith Kumara     Make-Up & Costume – Nipuni Nidarsha / Malika Dayarathne / Sachini Perera

Script Writing – Maduranga Nuwan / Chathurangi Madushani / Uththara Sapurnika / Thilina Fernando

Art Department – Chathura Madhushan / Dinusha Lakmali / Dilini Sugandhika / Bagya Dasanayake

Production Manager – Prasanna Herath     Asst. Directors – Malika Dayarathne / Nipuni Nidharsha

Line Producer – Madhumali Priyangika     Lighting – Kasun Abenayake / Nuwan Srilal

Continuity – Maheema Weerasinghe / Chathurangi Madushani

Theme Song Vocals – Damith Hapangama    Lyrics – Rasanga Lakmal

Produced by – 2014 Image Art General Degree Students/VIHAYAS Productions/Image Art Unit – University of Kelaniya