Yet To Be Titled

Yet to be titled is a series of digital collages, graphics, and illustrations first exhibited in 2016.

This series draws on the concurrent themes of socio-political and religious events of the time. It aims to capture my expression as a visual artist, of the conflict and challenges faced by the country at the time. People’s hopes and dreams of a better future reached great heights at the end of the 30-year civil war. Those in power, however, sought to keep the people mired in fantasy and disconnected from truth and reality. The emergent trends gradually affected an ideologically confused society. The culmination of this path has resulted in a full-blown economic crisis the scale of which is unprecedented and a politically corrupt nation today (2022)

As a result, the current political, religious, and economic reality has become rife with corruption, religious extremism, racism, drug trafficking, and mafia control, openly normalizing and absorbing such instances into the very foundations and fabric of existing structures.

These developments had a marked influence on religious institutions, creating corruption and political biases within these institutions to an unprecedented degree. The new trends encouraged extremist ideals and tribalism. Society was overtaken by a trending corrupt religious framework based on power and money. This series attempts to confront this apathy, corruption, and moral decay in society.

All clergy including Buddhist monks could be seen openly endorsing, supporting, and inducing followers to support various politicians and political parties, in exchange for material and financial boons ( i.e. Luxury vehicles, calf elephants to Buddhist temples, construction of massive effigies and statues, property and residential precincts in high-value real estate, construction of luxury dwellings in the form of ashrams and various other privileges such as media promotion.) Religious leaders were heavily politicized and promoted widespread religious extremism. New factions and religious groups were formed with political sponsorship. These trends were hailed as a religious renaissance and positive growth. While young and novice monks protested against these actions senior clergy became the duped supporters of various politicians. Islamic extremism grew at alarming rates and women’s rights and autonomy of affected communities came under serious threat, sometimes overturning the rule of law. In seeing this downward direction and dark turn society was headed towards, my aim as an artist was to create an expression for social consciousness.

As a result of the popularity gained by this series, I was intimidated and threatened, and even censored at times.

Yet To Be Titled – I


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  • Sri Lanka Guardian – November 01, 2014
Yet to be titled – II

Yet to be titled – III

Yet to be titled – IV

Yet to be titled – V

Yet to be titled – VI

Yet to be titled – VII

Yet to be titled – VIII

Yet to be titled – IX

Yet to be titled – X

Yet to be titled – XI

Yet to be titled – XII

Yet to be titled – XIII